Bracken Court Hotel

Bracken Court Hotel,
Bridge Street, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin
+ 353 1 841 3333
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Live Music at Bracken Court Hotel

Jack Doyle's Bar is proud to host great Live Music every week as well as an Open Mike Night every Monday and a Karaoke Night every Thursday.  Our November live music line up is as follows:-
   Wednesday 1st November  Trad Music  9.30pm-11.30pm
   Thursday 2nd November  Karaoke  9.00-11.30pm
   Friday 3rd November  Ray Lanigan  10.30pm-12.30am
   Saturday 4th November  Second Thoughts  10.30pm-12.30am
   Sunday 5th November  Tony McGuinness  6.00pm-8.00pm
   Monday 6th November  Open Mike Night  9.00pm-11.30pm
   Wednesday 8th November  Trad Night  9.30pm-11.30pm
   Thursday 9th November  Karaoke Night  9.00pm-11.30pm,
   Friday 10th November  John Walsh  10.30pm-12.30am
   Saturday 11th November  Crazy Goats  10.30pm-12.30am
   Sunday 12th November  Elliott Bridge  6.00pm-8.00pm
   Monday 13th November  Open Mike Night  9.00pm-11.30pm
   Wednesday 15th November  Trad Music  9.30pm-11.30pm
   Thursday 16th November  Karaoke Night  9.00pm-11.30pm
   Friday 17th November  Paul Lyttle  10.30pm-12.30am
   Saturday 18th November  Who Knew  10.30pm-12.30am
   Sunday 19th November  David Merriman  6.00pm-8.00pm
   Monday 20th November  Open Mike Night  9.00pm-11.30pm
   Wednesday 22nd November  Trad Music  9.30pm-11.30pm
   Thursday 23rd November  Karaoke Night  9.00pm-11.30pm
   Friday 24th November  Colm O'Neill  10.30pm-12.30am
   Saturday 25th November  Dream House  10.30pm-12.30am
   Sunday 26th November  Elliott Bridge  6.00pm-8.00pm
   Monday 27th November  Open Mike Night  9.00pm-11.30pm
   Wednesday 29th November  Trad Music  9.30pm-11.30pm
   Thursday 30th November  Karaoke Night  9.00pm-11.30pm